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Hi. My name is Enna.


I'm a teacher, holistic life coach, writer, and blogger. 


I've had a flair and passion for reading and writing since I was a small girl. I read anything I lay my hands on.


By age 13, I had read most of Enid Blyton's children's book series. They included the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Five Findouters, The Naughtiest Girl in the School, Amelia Jane, etc.


I also read the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series, among many others.


When I joined secondary school, my passion for reading grew. I read books by numerous authors. They included, Jackie Collins, Sydney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Jane Austin, and Charles Dickens. 


I also read Agatha Christy, John Grisham, James Hardley Chase, Barbara Cartland, etc.


At the same time, my flair for writing grew. I joined the school's Writers' Club. We'd write articles for the quarterly school magazine.


When I joined college, I also joined the Writers' Club. I was one of those who edited the college's monthly magazine. I also wrote numerous articles for the magazine (some of my articles put me in trouble with some students).


When I became a teacher, I realized I had some free time, especially during the weekends and school holidays. I discovered freelance writing - I could reignite my passion for writing and also make some money. 


To make a long story short, I've done freelance work as a "ghostwriter" for 15 years.


A "ghostwriter" is hired to write for someone else. 


After submitting the work, the client pays the ghostwriter. This means that the ghostwriter loses ownership of the article. The article is credited to someone else as the author. 


I've written thousands of life coaching articles for reputable magazines and companies as a ghostwriter.


A few months ago, I started asking myself some hard questions. 


Here are some questions I asked myself:


1. Why have you been writing as a 'ghostwriter' for over 15 years?




  • Because I have several clients who pay me well to write for them. Ghostwriting is therefore, a good side hustle for me.
  • Starting my own blog/website is expensive. How do I pay for hosting, domain, etc?


2. Does anyone know you are a damn good writer?




I have nothing to prove that I'm a good writer! Since I'm a ghostwriter, all the awesome articles I write don't show that I'm the author. The owners of the magazines and websites are credited as the authors.


3. How else do you want people to remember you? 




I want to leave a legacy as a holistic life coach not only through training people but also through my writing.  


After asking myself these tough questions and answering them, I made a final decision. I had to stop "ghostwriting" and unleash Enna the writer.


So, I stopped writing for others and started this blog. 


I hosted my blog on a free platform - Blogger.com. After a month, I noticed that my blog was growing. I decided to buy a .Com domain from Namecheap.


I hope to move to a more versatile platform when this blog grows. 


In this blog, I’ll be posting articles that touch on different aspects of life. The various aspects of life include physical, spiritual, social, financial, family, practical, etc. 


I hope you will enjoy the content of this blog. More importantly, I hope the content will be beneficial to you. 


Welcome, and thanks for passing by. Cheers!  



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