17 Social Media Rules To Follow For Your Own Good And The Good Of Others

1. Think before posting anything: Think about the impact your post will have on your reputation and on your audience. Also, remember the internet doesn’t forget – once you post something, it’s difficult to remove it. 


2. Be respectful to others: Treat people on social media with courtesy and respect. So, avoid making derogatory comments or engaging in unnecessary, heated arguments. 


3. Be kind to others: Many people come to social media to have fun and relax. So, be kind to them. When you're kind, you contribute to their happiness.


4. Respect the privacy of others: Avoid sharing other people’s photos and videos without their permission. Also, avoid tagging others without their permission.


5. Handle disagreements graciously: Suppose you disagree with someone. In that case, handle the disagreement graciously. Avoid personal attacks by all means.


6. Treat people how you’d like to be treated: Remember those you interact with on social media are real human beings. Do unto them what you’d like them to do to you.


7. Read and understand a post before responding: Doing this prevents you from rushing into conclusions. You can thus respond appropriately to the post.


8. Mind your language: Don’t use hate speech, profanity, or offensive language in your social media posts. Such posts could land you in trouble.


9. Help to build the group: You are a unique and important member of the platform. Help to build the group in your own authentic way. You can do so by creating a thread, commenting on a post, liking a post, etc.


10. Avoid being fake: This means you should post your real photos without altering. Also means sharing real moments and sharing your imperfections. People relate more to imperfections and real-life struggles than to perfection. 


11. Avoid over-posting: When you post too many things in a day, people may start considering your posts as spam. Such posts can be annoying.


12. Avoid spreading negativity: Social media is a social place. So spread positivity instead of negativity. If you want to share criticism or feedback, do it respectfully and constructively.


13. Avoid over-sharing personal information: It’s okay to share your life on social media with friends and family. However, sharing sensitive and very personal details can make others uncomfortable.


14. Don’t leave the platform when an issue arises: Leaving a group when an issue arises makes you look bad. Stay in the group and address and resolve the issue.


15. Stay humble: Remember all group members are important. So, leave out the boastfulness, arrogance, and pride. 


16. Take everything easy: Avoid getting mad at things that happen to you on social media. Why should you get stressed by social media stuff? This is social media, for goodness sake. Take it easy. It’s never too serious.


17. Obey the social media platform’s rules: Every platform has its own rules. Obey the rules to avoid getting into trouble.


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