Why You Should Accept, Love, and Cherish Your Mother Despite All Her Shortcomings: 46 Quotes To Inspire You To Do So

Hi good people. On Valentine’s Day, I wrote a post in loving memory of my mother. After posting the article, I got overwhelming responses from the readers through email. From the responses, I concluded that people have different feelings for their mothers depending on various factors.

Most people love their mothers dearly, others have lukewarm feelings towards their mothers, while others have no connection with their mothers.

Something else that stood out from the responses is that a mother doesn’t necessarily have to be your biological mother. A mother is that woman who raised and nurtured you. She could be your biological mother, stepmother, foster mother, aunt, grandmother, etc. 


So, do you have a mother? If you do, I urge you to accept, love, and cherish her regardless of your relationship with her right now. The fact that she raised and nurtured you is reason enough for you to do so.

If you still have doubts about whether you should accept, love, and cherish your mother with her warts and all, read through these quotes. I hope these quotes will inspire you to love, cherish, and accept your mother.

46 Quotes To Inspire You To Accept, Love, and Cherish Your Mother Despite All Her Shortcomings:

1.  I used to think that unconditional love is a myth. However, I have experienced and continue to experience my mother’s undying love. It made me realize that unconditional love is a real thing.

2.  Your mother’s love is the purest love you’ll ever find. Her love endures through everything.

3.  Moms are like buttons or glue. They keep everything in place and hold everything together.

4.  Although a mom’s job is 24/7, 365 days a year, she doesn’t get a paycheck.

5.  No matter your age or achievements, your mother will always see you as her little girl or little boy.

6.  Your mother is your first friend and one of your few true friends.

7.  A mother’s love is pure and sacrificial. When there are five loved ones and four apples, she quickly says that she never did care for apples.

8.  No one can love you or take the place of your mother. Don’t wait to realize that when she’s gone.

9.  Your mother’s wisdom was incomprehensible. She could make an entire meal even when you thought there was literally nothing in the house to cook. 

10. Sometimes a mother’s strength when dealing with her loved ones is mind-boggling. You see, at times her strength is even greater than the natural laws.

11. A mother’s strength is similar to a teabag. You only realize how strong the teabag is when you put it in hot water.

12. The word mother is a verb (an action word). Mothers are performers and they give everything their all.

13. You can’t even start to imagine the inconveniences your mother undergoes to be your everything.

14. Your mother is like a bank. You can deposit all your worries, hurts, and pain there.

15. Your mother’s influence on your life is beyond calculation. It has made you into the strong and independent person you are today.

16. Your mother is your safe haven. Your secrets are safe with her, and she always has your back. There are still things she hasn’t told your father. 

17. Have you lost something? Don’t worry, it’s not really lost. Well, unless your mother can’t find it.

18. Your mother is the only person who spends many sleepless nights worrying about you and praying for you.

19. Your mother is a fountain of knowledge. She’s the only person you can call at any time to ask the dumbest question. 

20. Your mother gave you cute nicknames that made you feel special and loved.

21 Your mother taught you the art of living.

22. Accept, love, and cherish your mother because she’s your beloved children’s grandmother.

23. Your mom is so proud of you that she still keeps the trophies you won as a child.

24. Guess what? A mom has to always think twice, once for her child and once for herself. You can imagine what happens when she has many kids! 

25. Even if your friends desert you, your love flops, or your youth fades, your mother’s secret hopes will outlive them all.

26. Your mom is like the falling or climbing colors of a rainbow or the hurricane in its full power. She is a force to reckon with where her children are concerned.

27. Your mother is one of the few people who know you very well. She can discern your mood and feelings the minute you say, “hello”.

28. Your mother is the seed you base your life on. She is therefore your foundation and root.

29. A mother’s entire life revolves around her children.

30. A mother is the hand that rocks the cradle. She therefore rules the world. There should be a hall of fame for mothers – they're creation’s precious and most unique jewels – William Ross Wallace

31. Many times your mother gave up her happiness for your sake.

32. Your mom is always your greatest fan and greatest cheerleader.

33. Raising you made your mother stressed and tired, but she never complained.

34. Your mother’s love for you is as deep as the ocean and as big as the sky.

35. Raising a child doesn’t come with a manual. Your mother developed her own manual and learned from experience. She might not have been a perfect mum, but she was a good enough mom anyway.

36. Although you are now grown up and have your own life, your mother still holds you dearly in her heart.

37. Your mother’s heart is like a deep abyss. So, she always finds it in her heart to forgive you no matter the pain you’ve caused her.

38. Whatever your mother did for you, she did it out of pure love – she didn’t expect anything in return.

39. Your mother’s prayers follow you everywhere you go. She is your best support system.

40. Your mother is the only person who thinks you are beautiful and sweet even when you have freckles and a vexatious attitude.

41. When your mother decided to have you, she took a big gamble. She could have been scared and had uncertainties, but she took the gamble anyway.

42. Your mother’s love for you is beyond measure. She’ll even ask how your dog is even though she doesn’t like dogs.

43. Your mother has been your best nurse ever. She has nursed you through fevers, runny noses, and heartbreaks.

44. Your mother hugged you, even when you didn’t hug her back. 

45. To a great extent, you have succeeded in life because of unconsciously applying the lessons your mother taught you. 


46. Your mother gave you the roots to start your life, and she then gave you wings to fly.


Remember your mother is not an angel; she is human and has flaws. I urge you to accept, love, and cherish your mother warts and all. Why? Because she’s your mother, and you can't exchange her for someone else.

Which of these inspirational quotes about why you should accept, cherish, and love your mother resonate with you most? Kindly share in the comments sections below. Cheers!


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