True Stories Of People Who Found Love Unexpectedly: Never Give Up On Finding Love

Hi good people. After I wrote the post how to find love at any stage of your life, I got numerous emails from my readers. Many of them shared with me how they found love at different stages of their lives. Others talked of how they found love unexpectedly.

In this post, I want to share some of the true stories of people who found love unexpectedly. These are some of the stories some of the readers shared with me. They gave me permission to share their stories with you.


I dedicate this post to all of you who are looking for love. Never give up on finding love as love is always in the air.


True Stories Of People Who Found Love Unexpectedly


Here are true stories of three couples that found love unexpectedly at different stages of their lives. I hope these stories will inspire you.


1. Mark and Peggy’s Story

I had just reported back to college for my final semester. After taking my luggage to my college room, I decided to go to the college’s dining hall for a cup of coffee and a snack. I had traveled over 400 kilometers from my home to college and I was exhausted and hungry.

In the dining hall, I got a cup of coffee and some muffins and looked for a place to sit. I got a table near the entrance. I sat facing away from the entrance.

As I sat quietly, enjoying my snack, my eyes fixed on the phone, and minding my own business, I looked up. At that moment, I saw the most beautiful pair of legs walking towards the front of the dining hall. The legs were long and shapely, and the owner of the legs was also tall.

I gasped as I wondered who the owner of those legs was.

My eyes moved from the legs and traveled upwards to the rest of her body. To say that she was shapely is an understatement. In addition, she walked with style – you could think she was a model.

She got her snacks and I waited with baited breath to see the face of this woman whose legs and figure had mesmerized me (remember I had only seen her from behind).

When she turned and I finally got to see her face (as she looked for a place to sit), I almost choked on my coffee. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

She had medium length black hair, an elongated neck, slim face with fine cheek bones, and an hourglass shape.

She walked elegantly, looking for somewhere to sit. At some point, she looked a bit stranded as the dining hall was quite packed.

There were two empty seats at my table and I decided to act swiftly. I waved to her and pointed to the empty seats.

She smiled at me with relieve and walked gracefully towards my table. Her smile almost knocked me out! She had a natural, beautiful and genuine smile. Oh, and she had a perfect set of teeth.

I think my heart skipped some beats as she walked towards my table. I realized I was smitten by a total stranger.

When she got to my table, I pulled out a chair for her. After she settled down, we said hello to each other and she thanked me for getting her a seat.

I introduced myself and she introduced herself as Peggy.

Apparently, she was a foreigner and had arrived in my country three weeks earlier. She also told me she had reported in the college earlier in the day. She was to embark on her first year of college.

Peggy was very easy to talk to, interesting and confident.

As we chatted, I realized that I was totally blown away by Peggy. At that point, I promised myself that one day, she would be mine. It was love at first sight.

After we finished our snacks, I offered to show her around the college and she graciously accepted.

When we concluded the college tour, I helped her find her room. You see, the college was so huge that she didn’t know how to get back to her room. I noted her room number, her course and we exchanged phone numbers.

To make a long story short, I left the college 4 months after Peggy joined. By the time I left, we had become quite close and I had confessed my feelings for her.

We dated for the 4 years she was in college. Our love for each other grew by leaps and bounds every day.

I proposed to her on her graduation day. We got married a year after her graduation.

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in December, 2023. We have two lovely kids.

Peggy is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

I fell in love with her at first-sight and I am grateful for finding her. I look forward to growing old with her and experiencing all of life’s beauty with her.

No matter how many years pass, Peggy will always be my forever!


2. Isabella and Lucas’ Story

I was 40, widowed and a mother of a 12 year old daughter (Janice). My husband had died from a sudden illness when I was 38 years old. We had been married for 14 years and our marriage was bliss (story for another day).

One day, when my daughter Janice was 12 years old, she arrived home from school, she was very upset. She had just been dropped by the school bus.

When she saw me, she started crying. I ran to her, hugged her, and tried to find what the problem was.

She told me that one of her school mates had pushed her when they were in the bus. As a result, she hit her knee hard against the seat.

I asked her the cause of the problem and she said that they were just teasing each other and before they knew it, they started pushing each other.

The fact that my daughter was hurt by another kid in the school bus upset me greatly. My daughter was my everything. I didn’t want anyone to mess around with her in any way.

After doing some first aid on Janice’s knee, I asked her the name of the girl who had pushed her and where she lived. She told me that the girl’s name was Maryanne and she lived in our neighborhood.

I decided to act like any Mama bear would. Fight for my child and ensure her future safety in the school bus.

I asked Janice to take me to Maryanne’s home.

We rang the bell at the gate of the home and a lady opened. I asked the lady if I could speak to Maryanne’s mother. She told me that Maryanne’s mother was not there but her father was in. So, I asked her to call Maryanne’s father.

I was ready for war!

After a few minutes, a middle aged man came to the gate and greeted us politely. I introduced myself and my daughter and told him what had happened to my daughter in the school bus.

He listened keenly and calmly. He then told us to get into the compound so that we could solve the issue. There was a table and chairs in the yard, so we sat there.

We let the two girls give their side of the story. They were both blaming each other for what happened.

After listening to the girls, Maryanne’s father and I decided that they were both at fault. They had allowed a small issue to escalate into a big issue.

We asked them to apologize to each other and they did. We also asked them to be friends again, and they agreed to do so.

The issue was settled and we were all happy. We went back home.

A week later, Janice and I decided to walk to a nearby supermarket to buy a few things. It was a Sunday afternoon.

As we were walking, we heard someone shouting Janice’s name. We stopped in our tracks and looked behind. It was Maryanne and her dad.

When they got to where we were, Janice and Maryanne greeted each other excitedly. I also said hello to Maryanne and her dad.

Before we knew it, the girls were walking ahead of us as they chatted happily. Maryanne’s dad and I had no option than to walk together.

There was an awkward silence for a minute. However, we both gathered some courage and started chitchat.

From the chitchat, I learned his name was Lucas and he had two daughters – Maryanne and an older daughter. I also introduced myself and he got to know that Janice was my only child.

When we got to the supermarket, we went our different ways. I made sure that we used another route to get home. I didn’t want to walk back with them!

Two weeks later, there was a swimming gala at Janice’s school. Janice was taking part in the gala (she was one of the school’s best swimmers). As usual, I attended the gala to cheer my girl on.

As I looked for a vantage point to watch and cheer the swimmers, someone tapped on my shoulder gently. When I looked behind, it was Lucas (Maryanne’s dad).

I was surprised to see him and he was also surprised to see me. Apparently, Maryanne was also in the competition, he had come to cheer her on.

We sat next to each other. We had no choice but to talk to each other every now and then. We also cheered our children on in the best way we could.

By the end of the swimming gala, I had learned that Lucas was a widower. His wife had died three years earlier. He was raising his two daughters alone.

Lucas also learned that I was a widow and that I was raising Janice alone.

In addition, we exchanged phone numbers.

And that’s how Lucas and I started dating.

You know what? When my husband died, I had promised myself that I would not marry again. I would just concentrate on raising our daughter and giving her the best I could.

On his part, Lucas had promised himself that he would not get into any relationship until his daughters had completed college.

However, love came knocking and we both threw our promises to ourselves out of the window.

Lucas and I dated for a year after meeting. We tied the knot a year later.

We have been married for 10 years.

We got a son together, he is five years old.

Our three daughters are now adults and they love each other like real sisters do.

We are a close knit, blended family.

I went for war but found love instead. So, never give up on love. Love is always in the air and it can come when you least expect.


3.  Emma and Oliver’s Story

While growing up, my dream was to find my prince charming, have four children, and live happily ever after.

To my disappointment, I was not lucky in finding love. Let me be honest with you. I didn’t date any man seriously and nobody asked for my hand in marriage.

I am an educated, good looking, kind, and nice woman. Many times, I wondered why I had not found love.

On my 50th birthday, I made a decision to stop looking for love. After all, it was a bit late in the day to find love.  

So, I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to my work as a nurse, the church, the community, my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews.

Two weeks after my 50th birthday, I witnessed a minor accident in my neighborhood as I walked my dog. A teenager who was riding a bicycle accidentally hit a middle aged guy who was jogging. The guy fell to the ground with a bang.

As a nurse, I am trained to save lives. So, I ran to assist the guy who had been hit.

I asked the guy which part was hurting and he told me the leg. I examined the leg and saw that it was bleeding. I was not sure whether it had a fracture.

I asked some passersby to help me move the injured guy out of the road. We lifted him carefully and put him on the roadside. I then called an ambulance because the guy was in a lot of pain.

I followed the ambulance – I wanted to ensure the injured guy would be okay. I also wanted to give my account of the accident to the police.

According to the doctor, the injured guy had a minor leg fracture. He had to stay in the hospital for several days.

I finally got to know the guy’s name, he was Oliver. I also introduced myself to him. He was grateful for my help.

Before I left the hospital, I asked him if there was someone he wanted to call. Maybe a family member or a friend. He told me that he had left his phone in the house – after all he was just jogging within the neighborhood.

I offered him my phone, to make calls. He told me that he didn’t know any of his family members’ phone numbers off head.

Then the guy (Oliver) did the unthinkable. He handed me his house keys. He gave me his address and asked me to go and bring his phone and the phone charger.

He couldn’t remember whether his phone was in the kitchen or living room. So, he gave me his number so that I could call his phone when I got to the house. I could easily trace the phone that way.

When I got Oliver’s phone and charger, I took them to him at the hospital. He was again very grateful.

I then bid him goodbye and wished him a quick recovery.

I put that incident behind me and continued with my life.

Two weeks after the incident, I got a call from a strange number. I always pick calls – it could be one of my patients.

When I picked the call, the guy on the other end introduced himself as Oliver. The name didn’t ring a bell. Then he jogged my memory. He reminded me of the bike crash incident.

I wondered how he had gotten my number. Then I remembered I had called his number when I went to his house to pick his phone and charger.

I was very happy to hear from him. As a nurse, I wanted to know how he was doing.

He told me that he had been discharged from hospital a week earlier and he was doing well.

He also said that he had been thinking about my kindness to him. Then from the blues, he asked me if I was single. I was quite surprised. I told him yes.

He then asked me whether I could join him for a cup of coffee at his place the following day.

When I hesitated, he told me that he lived alone. He also said that we could have the coffee in the front yard if I was uncomfortable with getting into the house.

To make a long story short, I went over to his place the following day for coffee. I found him on crutches. He was very happy to see me.

We spoke for hours. I found out that he was a business man, 58 years, divorced for five years, and had two grown up children.

And there begun my love story with Oliver. A great and loving guy.

We dated for nine months and got married on my 51st birthday.

Can you imagine that?

I had totally given up on finding love. Oliver and I found each other in the most unexpected way. I found my long awaited Prince Charming and I know we will happily ever after.


I hope these stories inspire you to continue looking for love until you find your soul mate. I wish you success in your pursuit for love. Cheers!

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