True Stories of House Guests From Hell: People Narrate Their Encounter With The Worst House Guests Ever

Hi good people. I hope you’re doing well today. Now, some time back, I posted an article about how to be a good guest when staying at someone’s home for several days; don’t drive your host crazy. I got numerous emails from readers narrating their encounters with house guests from hell. House guests who almost drove them crazy, literally.


Today, I want to share some of these true stories of hosts who encountered house guests from hell. I’m sharing these stories to let you know some of the things guests do that drive hosts crazy. I want you to be the best guest in the future for your own good and the good of your hosts. 

True Stories of House Guests From Hell: People Narrate Their Encounter With The Worst House Guests Ever

So, let me share with you true stories of house guests from hell without further ado. I picked these stories from some of the emails I received from my readers. 

Jackie's Encounter With A Guest From Hell: A Careless and Untidy House Guest

My name is Jackie. My husband Henry and I have been married for two years, and our marriage is bliss. We don’t have children yet, but hope to get some when we’re ready.

We live in a 2 bedroom apartment. It has a split bathroom (the toilet and shower are in different rooms. We love our place, and we both try to keep it tidy.

Two months ago, I hosted my cousin Annette in our house. Apparently, Annette had a job interview in our city. Since she lived about 500 miles from our city, she requested me to host her for the days she would be in our city. 

Annette arrived at our home 2 days before the interview. She wanted to familiarize herself with the city and find the company's location. She also wanted to shop for an outfit to wear to the interview.

As we welcomed Annette to our home, we told her to feel free to use the kitchen and other parts of the house. 

On the first morning, Annette woke up earlier than any of us. She fixed breakfast, ate, and left some for Henry and I. She then went back to her room.

When I got to the kitchen, I was shocked by what I saw. Almost all the drawers and cupboards were open. I guessed she’d opened them as she looked for utensils, cutlery, etc as she fixed breakfast. 

In addition, some containers such as the margarine and jam jar were opened. The egg shells she had used to make pancakes were on the kitchen counters. Some pancake batter was sticking on the kitchen counter and on the cooker. In other words, the kitchen was a total mess.

Just as I was about to start fixing the kitchen, Henry walked in. He was horrified by the mess, to say the least. I was embarrassed and infuriated by my cousin’s untidiness.

Annette had already left the house to run her own errands. I sent her a message telling her to leave the kitchen neat the next time she used it. 

On the third day of her stay with us, Annette went for the interview. She left very early in the morning before Henry and I woke up.

Henry had an early day, so he went to the shower before me. Immediately he got into the shower, he shouted my name. I ran to the shower wondering what was going on. Henry pointed to something on the floor.

To our horror, Annette had left her dirty inner-wear and bra on the shower room’s floor. Henry walked out in a huff. 

I picked up the dirty panty and bra with the tips of my fingers and threw them on Annette’s bedroom floor. I hope she was horrified by the sight!

Your guess is as good as mine. The shower was in a mess! I angrily cleaned it. I then called Henry to take his shower all along trying to apologize for my cousin’s behavior.

When Annette got into her room that evening, she sent me a message. She was apologizing for leaving her stuff on the shower room floor. Her excuse was that she’d left the house in a hurry.

That same evening, when Henry went to the toilet, he called me angrily. I was in the bedroom changing into my nightdress. I ran to the toilet. Henry pointed to the top of the toilet's cistern.

Oh, my goodness! There was a used sanitary towel right there. I snapped!

I knocked hard on Annette’s door. She woke up and was shocked by the commotion. When she opened, I pulled her hand roughly and led her to the toilet. By now, Henry had gone back to the bedroom. I pointed to the used sanitary pad on top of the cistern.

What followed was a shouting match between me and Annette, with me doing most of the shouting. I told her very nasty things about her untidiness and filthiness. I also told her how she'd made our lives miserable during the few days she'd stayed with us. 

I told her to leave my house at the break of dawn. By 5.00 am, I was already knocking on her door. By 6.00 am, she was out of the house. I vowed that she’d never set foot in my house ever again.

As you’d expect, when she got home, she talked ill about me and my husband. She told my aunt (her mom), all and sundry that we threw her out at night. She also said we'd treated her badly.

Annette, my aunt, and I haven’t talked ever since. We recently met at a cousin's christening ceremony. We ignored each other.

She was a guest from hell, and she almost drove us crazy.


Andrew’s Encounter With House Guests From Hell: Wasteful and Destructive Guests

Hi. My name is Andrew. About three months ago, I had an encounter with guests from hell. 

You see, an old college friend called and told me that he’d visiting my city for a few days. He was apparently coming with his wife to visit a critically ill relative. The relative was admitted to one of the hospitals.

My friend said he and his wife would be in our town for about 4 days. He asked me if it was okay if they stayed in our house during their visit to our town.

I was excited at the idea of seeing my college bestie after almost 10 years. I talked to my wife Janet about it. 

Janet said it was okay for my friend John and his wife Kate to stay with us. After all, we have a three-bedroom house and our son was away in boarding school.

I called my friend and told him that they could stay at our place. 

The day before our guests arrived, we shopped for everything to make their stay enjoyable. We bought toiletries, food, fresh vegetables, fruits, wine, and other alcoholic beverages, etc.

When our guests arrived, we gave them a tour of our home. We also told them to feel at home – use the kitchen, eat to their fill, etc.

The day after their arrival, my wife Janet and I left early for work. Our guests were still sleeping by the time we left the house.

After work, I got home before my wife. As I was parking the car in the garage, I could hear loud music coming from the house. When I walked into the living room, I froze. 

The music from the stereo was almost full blast and the room was filled with cigarette smoke. There were two, half-empty bottles of whisky on the coffee table (the whisky we had bought). Apparently, they were not drinking the same brand.

They didn’t even hear me enter the room. John was smoking and sipping his drink while Kate danced in a drunken stupor. I was shocked. It was 5.00 pm for goodness sake! And it was my house!

I walked to the stereo and switched off the music. That’s when they realized I was in the room. They were too drunk to realize how angry I was. So, requested them to go and smoke outside as they got some fresh air. 

They instead decided to go to their room. Your guess about what went on in the bedroom is as good as mine. And I could hear everything – they were drunk. 


I decided to take a walk to give them time to finish their business. I thanked God that Janet was not at home.

When I came back from the walk, I cleared the living room, straightened it up, and aired it. I didn’t want Janet to find it in such a mess. But I told her everything when she got home. 

The following morning, my wife went downstairs before me. A few minutes later, she came back to the bedroom to get me. She wanted me to see something.

When we got downstairs, we found the living room in a total mess. There were plates of leftover food and food split on the sofas and carpet. Some glasses were half-full with alcohol. 

All the lights in the living room, dining area, and downstairs bathroom were on. The taps of the sink in the bathroom were not well closed, so the water was running.

The kitchen was in a bad state. It looked like when our friends had sobered up, they decided to wake up in the middle of the night. After all, they had not taken dinner – they must have been famished. 

They had a feast while we slept and left the place in a mess. To make matters worse, the kitchen lights were on and the taps were not well closed.

We lost a lot of money in one day in terms of water, electricity, food, and beverages. Please note that we didn’t have a problem with them eating whatever they wanted. The problem was the wastage!

Janet and I tried to clear the mess in the house before we left for work. On our way to work, we didn’t talk much. I could tell that Janet was feeling disgusted with my friend and his wife. The only consolation is that they were leaving the following day.

Later in the day, I called John and asked him why the hell they’d behaved the way they did. He was very apologetic and we agreed it would not happen again.

That same day, I decided to go home earlier than usual. I wanted to ensure there was no mess in the house by the time Janet got home. She was already pissed off with my friends.

My friends were not in the house when I got home. They had gone to visit their sick relative in hospital. I was relieved to be home alone! I fixed for myself a cup of coffee and decided to catch up on the latest news.

When I switched on the TV, it didn’t display pictures properly. The whole screen had black blotches. I was shocked! I’m an engineer and I knew that one of the probable causes of the black blotches could be cracks in the TV’s internal glass. 

Oh my goodness! Our 98 TV had cost us an arm and a leg. I was devastated. What would I tell Janet and our son?

I tried fixing the TV in vain.

John and Kate arrived shortly. I was really angry with them. I couldn’t help shouting as I asked them what the hell they’d done to the TV.

John told me that there was an accident the previous night that affected the TV. The damage occurred when they woke up at night to feast. 

I told them that they had to buy a new TV for us. They said they would rather get someone to repair the TV. I told them that it was only three months old and I needed a new one. Period! 

They could take away the one they had damaged, for all I cared!

I then told them to leave our house. They had to get out before Janet got home. 

They tried to plead with me to allow them to spend the night – after all, they were to leave the following day. I was adamant. 

Who knew what other damage they could cause? They could even burn my house!

They packed hurriedly and left. Phew!

I have been following John about the replacement of the TV. He hasn’t kept his gentlemanly agreement. 

I plan to sue him if he doesn’t meet his end of the bargain! I want it to be a lesson for all those other visitors from hell.

Meanwhile, we had to retrieve our old, small TV from the basement. That’s what we’re using as we wait for John to honor his promise.


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