Are You Grieving the Death of a Loved One? Here Are 33 Inspirational Quotes to Encourage, Comfort and Uplift You

Since I was born, death has taken many people I loved dearly. Some died from sickness, accidents, or natural causes. The first death that caused me a lot of grief was of my maternal grandmother. After that, I grieved for other beloved people such as my paternal grandmother, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncles, aunts, my father, and most recently my beloved mother.

One thing I’ve realized is that nothing can prepare you for someone’s death. Even when the person is very sick and all the signs of death are there, you are never ready for the finality of death.


When death takes your loved one, the natural thing to do is to grieve. We all grieve differently – there’s no wrong or right way to grieve. So, avoid beating yourself up when you experience different feelings or emotions on different days during your grieving process. Those varied feelings and emotions are part of the healing process.


Another thing I have learned about grief is that it has no timeline. You can grieve for a short time, for a long time, or forever.


The deaths that hit me most were those of my father and mother. I’m still grieving and I guess I’ll do so forever.


Whenever I feel really low, I call one of my sisters. We talk and reminisce about our parents and by the end of the call, I feel better.


My daughter has also been very supportive (she still lives at home). She gives me a shoulder to cry on. She also encourages me to share my thoughts and feelings with her.


The other thing that helps me when I feel down is reading inspirational quotes about dealing with the death of a loved one. I also read quotes from scripture. Some quotes have really, encouraged, comforted, and uplifted me during grief.


I’ll share some of the inspirational quotes that have encouraged, comforted, and uplifted me during grief.


33 Inspirational Quotes to Encourage, Comfort, and Uplift You During Grief


Although the death of a beloved leaves you with a heartache no one can heal, the memories of your loved one are engraved in your heart forever. In a sanctuary that not even death can destroy. Also, nobody can steal those precious memories. Hold on to that. 


1.  The reason you’re grieving is because you loved. You have no choice. If you love, you grieve.


2.  Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. There’s hope. You will smile again, one day.


3.  You’re not alone. As long as you’re alive, you’ll one day lose someone precious to you. Loss is something each one of us will have to deal with, sooner or later. 


4.  The truth is that you might grieve forever for your beloved. You can learn to live with the loss but you’ll most likely never be the same again. And you’d not want to be the same again, anyway.


5.  One day, you’ll reunite with your beloved in the palace of dreams and the garden of memory, on the beautiful shore.


6.  A loved one never dies and never disappears from your life. They just pass into loveliness, into a different room. 


7.  It’s okay to grieve your beloved. You don’t become imperfect by grieving. It just proves you’re human.


8.  The pain of losing your loved one may pass but their beauty and memories remain with you forever. 


9.  Grieve for your loved one. The tears you shed don’t mean you’re weak. They are a sign that you’re capable of loving deeply.


10. You’ll never be the same again after the loss of a loved one. You’ll be a better person because they existed.

11. It’s okay to grieve for a beloved person. You can only heal from your loss by allowing yourself to feel the loss deeply.


12. You will slowly come to terms with the loss of your beloved. The human heart is one of the strongest organs. It shatters over and over again but continues to beat one more time.


13. The pain of losing someone you love may make you feel like you’ll bleed to death. Don’t allow grief to destroy you. Your work on earth is not yet done.


14. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Continue trusting in God. You’ll be surprised at how He’ll wrap his loving and comforting arms around you. 


15. Your beloved may have died young, but remember, in the end, it’s not about the number of years they lived but how they impacted you and the world in their lifetime.


16. God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. If you lean on him and allow him into your life, he will gradually heal your broken heart and restore you. 


17. When you’re grieving, you might see the world in white and black and not see the other colors that exist. Take heart. The other colors will come back to you, gradually.


18. Don’t feel guilty when your grief for your beloved lessens. It doesn’t mean that you’re forgetting your loved one. It just means you’re healing, slowly by slowly. 

19. Don’t feel anxious when you experience a roller-coaster of emotions when grieving. Grief is similar to the ocean – it has waves. Sometimes the waves are overwhelming and sometimes it’s calm. When this happens, try to learn how to swim.

20. When you’re grieving, you may feel like each part of your body is broken and like your heart is shattered to pieces. Don’t panic. That’s what grief does to people.

21. You shouldn’t be afraid of your tears when grieving. They are the inaudible language of grief.

22. Your loved one has gone, and it’s painful. It may take time or forever to get used to the pain. The best you can do is to learn how to walk around the pain.

23. Your loved one has not gone away. Their spirit is still around you. They walk beside you daily – unheard, unseen, missed, and loved. 

24. Your grief will dim with time. When that day comes, you might feel like a traitor for not missing your beloved as much as you once did. At that point, you might cry fresh tears. The reason for the fresh tears is that letting go of grief for a loved one is like another kind of death.

25. It’s alright to grieve. You grieve because when your loved one is missing the entire world seems empty. 


26. Your tears are sacred. They speak volumes; more than words. They simply show your deep contrition, overwhelming grief, and unspeakable love.


27. Only tears and time can take away your grief.


28. The most painful realization when you’re grieving is that life still goes on and the clock doesn’t stop ticking. Take heart. That’s just the way it is.


29. Grieving is the only cure for your grief.


30. Only God knows why you didn’t get to say goodbye to your beloved.


31. Although you miss your beloved greatly, be grateful for having known and loved them. The gratitude will finally conquer the loss.

32. Life doesn’t always go the way we wish. Life is the way it is. How you cope with the realities of life makes the difference.


33. Human life has a beginning and an end. If you can manage to make peace with that, it will be well with you.




It's good to note that how deeply and how long you grieve depends on many things. For instance, it may depend on the circumstances around the death of the person, your relationship with them, etc.


If you’re grieving the death of a loved one, I hope some of these quotes will comfort, encourage, and uplift you.


Kindly share these quotes with someone who is grieving. Remember, sharing is caring. Cheers!



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