Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday Every Year: Here’s Why It’s A Big Deal

November 25th is a special day for me; it’s my birthday. While growing up, my parents made me feel special on my birthday. They didn’t always throw bashes for me, but my mom always prepared a special treat for the family. The treat would be followed by prayers of thanksgiving. 

I still remember my 21st birthday with nostalgia. My dad said he’d throw the biggest birthday party for me. He said that was the last birthday party he was throwing for me, so he wanted it to be special and memorable. 

To make a long story short, my 21st birthday was the talk in my neighborhood for a long time.

So, my parents let me know that my birthday is a special day. I celebrate my birthday every year, and this year was no exception. I had planned to make my birthday very simple. I’d take my 19-year-old daughter to dinner.

On the day of my birthday, I had to attend a function that was taking place from 7.00 am to 1.00 pm. I was surrounded by many friends at the function, and I let them know that it was my birthday. They were happy for me and wished me a happy birthday. It was a morning well spent.

I arrived back home at around 3.00 pm. After chatting for a few minutes with my daughter, I decided to go and take a nap in my room. I wanted to wake up at around 6.00 pm to get ready for dinner with her. I was to take her to one of our favorite restaurants.

At around 6.00 pm, I heard a knock on my bedroom door. My daughter entered, followed by one of my sons. My son handed me a bouquet of simple, beautiful flowers. They then hugged me and wished me a happy birthday. 

To say I was surprised is an understatement. I didn’t even know my son had come to visit. I was not also expecting any flowers.

I told the kids I’d join them downstairs shortly. I was happy that my son was around. I planned to take them both out for the dinner. The more, the merrier.

I freshened up and wore a nice outfit. After all, it was my birthday! 

I went downstairs at around 7.00 pm and saw a sight to behold. The table was beautifully set, and dinner was ready. 

I had to cancel the plans to take the kids to dinner. Their dad arrived just in time for dinner. The food was delicious, and the company was great. 

After dinner, they had another surprise for me – a small, beautiful birthday cake. My 19-year-old daughter called four of her friends from the neighborhood to come and eat the cake. 


We ended up having an impromptu party that went on past midnight.

Wow! Let’s say I had a surprise, impromptu birthday party, thanks to my awesome kids. We had a blast! We even danced to my favorite songs including, "Happy Birthday" by Stevie Wonder.  Oh, and my best celebration song "Celebrate Good Times" by Kool & The Gang.

I thank my kids from the bottom of my heart for making my birthday special and memorable.

I also got phone calls and messages from relatives and friends from near and far. I want to thank everyone who helped me to celebrate my birthday in one way or the other. 

As I reflected on the day's events, I decided to write this post about why you should celebrate your birthday every year.

I know some people don’t like celebrating their birthdays for one reason or the other. Some of the reasons you may not like celebrating your birthday could include the following:

  • You’ve never celebrated a birthday, so you don’t see the need to start celebrating.
  • You have faced several challenges in life, so you’ve lost the excitement for life.
  • You could be disappointed with your life because it’s not what you’d dreamed of.
  • You don’t think there’s anything worth celebrating.
  • You don’t like that your birthday is a reminder that you’re a year older.
  • You don’t want to remember that time is ticking and your years on earth become fewer each birthday.
  • You feel like you’re too old to celebrate your birthday.
  • You don’t like attention, so you prefer to make your special day a quiet affair.


Why You Should Celebrate Your Birthday Every Year

Do you like celebrating your birthday? If you do, I urge you to continue celebrating your birthday every year for the rest of your life. 

Suppose you don’t like to celebrate your birthday due to any of the reasons I’ve stated above or other reasons. In that case, I challenge you to start celebrating your birthday every year from today onward. 

You don’t have to do something big to celebrate your birthday. The idea is to ensure that your birthday is not buried in oblivion.

Let me explain why celebrating your birthday is a big deal.

You Should Celebrate Your Birthday Because It’s The Day You Were Born

This might sound like stating the obvious, but it’s worth repeating. Your birthday is the day you came into this world. As William Barclay said, “There are two great days in your life – the day you were born and the day you discover why.”

Your parents got an addition to their family, and your country got another citizen. In addition, the human race increased on the day you were born. 

So, you’re a very important citizen of the world. It’s okay to shout from the rooftop that it’s your birthday. Doing so lets people know that you’re commemorating the day you arrived in this world.

Don’t feel shy to remind people it’s your birthday. Lest they forget! 

Celebrate Your Birthday Every Year To Show Gratitude To God

If you’re spiritual, the least you can do is to thank God on your birthday. First, for bringing you into this world with all its good, bad, and ugly. In addition, your gratitude to Him for sustaining you throughout the year. 

It’s also a time to thank your God for family, friends, and everyone who has made your life worth living.

You Should Celebrate Your Birthday Each Year To Remember And Appreciate Your Parents

As I lay down after the small impromptu birthday party, I thought about my dear parents. At some point, I cried as I remembered how deeply they loved me and my siblings. I also remembered how they raised me in the ways of the Lord. 

The fact that they are now gone to be with their maker made me sad. However, I thanked God for having given me such loving parents. 

My parents did their best and sacrificed a lot to ensure I succeeded in life. Most importantly, they prayed for me daily until their final breath. 

So, your birthday is a great time to remember your parents for giving birth to you and nurturing you. 

If your parents are still alive, it’s a good day to call them and express your appreciation and love for them. 

Celebrate Your Birthday Every Year To Remind Yourself That Age Is Just A Number

There’s a common saying that age is just a number. This simply means that your birthday is a reminder of the number of years you’ve lived. 

However, it’s good to remember that your age doesn’t define you, your accomplishments, or what you could still achieve. 

So, as you celebrate your birthday every year, it’s good to remind yourself that you can achieve anything regardless of your age. 

For instance, you can still achieve financial success or find love at any stage of your life. After all, age is just a number.

Celebrate Your Birthday To Set New Year Goals

I think the best time to make New Year's resolutions is on your birthday rather than New Year’s Eve. You see, on your birthday you’re able to reflect on how the year was. You’re also able to think of the parts of your life you’d want to change or improve.

So, instead of waiting for New Year’s Eve to make resolutions, do so on your birthday. If you set New Year goals on your birthday, you’re more likely to stick to them because you’re making the resolutions on your special day.

Celebrate Your Birthday Each Year To Assess Your Achievements

If you set your New Year goals on your birthday, then it’s important to celebrate your birthday each year to assess your achievements. At the tail end of your birthday celebrations, it’s important to take stock of your achievements during the year.

After taking stock, think of ways you can improve and things you can change in the New Year. That can help you to have a purposeful life. 

Celebrate Your Birthday To Celebrate Yourself

Look at it this way. You’ve survived another year, you’ve worked hard throughout the year, you’ve taken care of your family and others for a whole year, etc. Why not celebrate your birthday to celebrate yourself? 

As I said in the article 10 Awesome Self-care Tips for Moms, it’s sometimes good to celebrate and pamper yourself, and your birthday is a great day to do that.

Go ahead and celebrate yourself on your birthday. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve achieved anything great, special, or significant in the last year. You celebrate because you are alive and you have worth, dignity, and value.

Here are ways you can celebrate yourself on your birthday:

  • Invite loved ones for a special meal.
  • Throw a bash for yourself.
  • Buy a special gift for yourself.
  • Go on vacation.
  • Get a makeover.


Celebrate Your Birthday Every Year To Give People A Chance To Celebrate You

Let’s face it, good people. Your birthday is a great time to enjoy attention and pampering from your family, friends, colleagues, etc. 

Maybe you’ve been busy the entire year taking care of other people’s needs. Your birthday is a great time for other people to celebrate you too so that you can feel appreciated, loved, and special.

You see, when you celebrate your birthday, your loved ones go out of their way to be nice to you. They almost make you feel like a celebrity. Don’t deny people the chance to celebrate you. It’s good for people to celebrate you when you’re still alive.


The only way to get people to celebrate you is to let them know it’s your birthday. So, remind people it’s your birthday, lest they forget.

People get to celebrate you in different ways during your birthday. Some of the ways may include:

  • Sending you personalized birthday messages to uplift your spirit.
  • Throwing for you a bash like my kids did.
  • Taking you out for lunch, dinner, movie, etc.
  • Sending you cards.
  • Giving you gifts.
  • Preparing for you a special meal.

We all need to be celebrated, pampered, or some TLC at some point in our lives. Your birthday is a great time to receive some of these things.

Celebrate Your Birthday To Have A New Lease Of Life In The New Year

After my small, impromptu birthday bash and the numerous calls and messages from friends and loved ones, I felt rejuvenated, refreshed, motivated, and happy. I was ready to face the New Year. It was like a new beginning.

That’s what celebrating your birthday does to you. It’s like it gives you a new lease of life. You have a new zeal, new aspirations, and new expectations for the New Year. 

You Should Celebrate Your Birthday To Create Everlasting Memories

Some of the memories you create on your birthday can last a lifetime. You can take photos and videos as a reminder of how you celebrated your birthdays over the years. You can also keep the cards, gifts, messages, and virtual gifts. You’ll definitely smile when you look at those things years later. 

For instance, some of the gifts and birthday wishes I received on my birthday this year were very touching. I got to know how much people love and appreciate me. Those memories will last a lifetime.

Below are some of the awesome messages I received from my loved ones and friends on my birthday this year:

From my daughter:

Happy birthday to my Mother 

Thank you momzzzz for all the good times and laughter, the talks, thank you for making it easy to talk to you, for hearing me out, for advising me, for reassuring me, for being firm with me sometimes, for being sensitive to almost everything, for loving me unconditionally (except where the mother card applies ), for being empathetic, sympathetic, genuine, happy, peaceful and peacemaking, for being yourself around me, for accepting me as I am, for calling me beautiful and telling me that I'm the most gorgeous girl this world has seen, for being my buddy to death, my bestest friend, my ride or die and for making me feel safe in this relationship of ours. You've shown me what true friendship is about, ours is obviously incomparable and that's why you are my best friend for life 

 I love you Mom 

 You are my Lorelai Gilmore 

 Happy bazzday 

 You said you are how old? 

 All love, Angie 


From my son:

Happy birthday Mom, you have been the bedrock of our family and on this day I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday filled with God's blessings..you are the best!! To bits


From my son:

Happy happy birthday to the most beautiful, caring, loving mother in the whole world....am glad to be celebrating yet another year with you and wish you many many more to come....love you.

From my brother:

Happy birthday to you my dear sister, before I forget. You are a blessing to me and our entire family. May God bless you abundantly.

From my sister:

Happy birthday sweet sister. The girl who laughs from her heart and her intentions are pure. I love you to the moon and back.


From my niece:

Happiest birthday Auntie. As I have always told you, you are the best auntie in the world. To more life and blessings 

From my friends:

 Wow Anne. You are as beautiful as ever. Happy birthday. May God grant you many many years of happiness and fulfillment. 

Happy belated Bday Annie. You look young and may you continue to look young and live until you are toothless. May the word of God be a lamp at your feet and light your path. Blessings galore.


Happy happy birthday dear Anne. May the Lord continue to refresh you and provide all you require. May you choose to enjoy life every day in HIM. You look beautiful - sweet sixteen forever.



Your birthday is not an ordinary day, it’s a momentous occasion. “Make it a habit to celebrate your birthday. It is a privilege denied to many.” – Anonymous.

I urge you to start/continue celebrating your birthday in a small or big way. Celebrate even when you don’t feel like doing it, because your birthday is a big deal.

What’s your take on this topic? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below. Cheers!



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