Why You Should Be A Good Neighbor: Reap Unbelievable Benefits Of Being A Good Neighbor

Yesterday, as I was busy doing my daily weekend chores, I heard a commotion outside. It sounded like people were screaming and shouting. I ran upstairs to one of the bedrooms facing the road and looked through the window. The commotion was between my neighbor’s house manager and another woman.

My first instinct was to call my good neighbor and tell her people were fighting in her compound. However, I realized that it wasn't wise to call my good neighbor. She was away on vacation with her family outside the country. 

Since we’re very good neighbors, she came to my house before she left for the vacation. She told me she’d be out of the country for a certain period but was leaving the house manager behind to look after the home. She requested me to keep an eye on her home and contact her in case of anything. 

So, when I saw the commotion in my good neighbor’s compound, I called the estate’s security. They arrived after a few minutes. Apparently, the woman wrestling with the house manager was my neighbor's cousin. 

She had come to visit, but the house manager refused to let her in because the home owners were not in. The house manager was under strict instructions not to allow anyone into the premises while her employers were away. My neighbor’s cousin insisted on being allowed to enter the house, and thus the commotion arose.

As the estate’s security team tried to sort out the issue, I called my good neighbor and told her what was happening. My neighbor called her house manager and asked to talk to the cousin. She told her cousin to leave the premises immediately and not come back. The cousin finally left after hurling unprintable insults at everybody.

As I thought about that incident later, I got an inspiration to write this post about why you should be a good neighbor.

There is a saying that you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your neighbors. If you don’t have good neighbors, your life can be miserable. However, if you are lucky to have good neighbors, you’re blessed. 

It’s important to remember you’re a neighbor too. Are you a bad or good neighbor? 

You see, it’s your obligation to be a good neighbor because you share the place you call home with your neighbors. You need each other to create a conducive neighborhood.  

Why You Should Be A Good Neighbor

Do you know that your happiness and peace of mind depend to a great extent on the kind of neighborhood you all create? In other words, being a good neighbor pays. 

Here are some reasons why you should be a good neighbor:

Being A Good Neighbor Gives You A Sense Of Security

When you are a good neighbor, you feel secure in your neighborhood. You know that your neighbors will help you in case of anything. You know you can raise the alarm and they’ll come to your rescue immediately.

For instance, since I’m on very good terms with the neighbor I talked about, I ensure that I keep an eye on her property in her absence. So, she feels secure in the knowledge that her good neighbor has her back. 

I’ve also received instant responses from my neighbors when there has been a security threat in my home. 


For instance, some time back, some people jumped into our compound at around 3.00 am. They wanted to steal a water pump and other stuff from our backyard. 

One of our neighbors heard some unusual movement, peeped out of the window, and saw them. He activated his burglar alarm, called us, and called security. The thieves escaped but one was arrested.

So, when you’re a good neighbor your neighbors will be on the lookout on your behalf and you’ll do the same for them. You’re thus secure in knowing you have an extra pair of eyes all the time.

When You’re A Good Neighbor You Can Get Help Easily

Another reason you should be a good neighbor is that you can easily get help when you need it. Your neighbors can go out of their way to help you because you’re a good neighbor. 

I have received a lot of help from my neighbors over the years because I guess I’m a good neighbor. For instance, one day as my daughter was playing outside, a piece of glass cut her foot deeply. 

She was bleeding profusely and I ran to one of my nearby neighbors who is a doctor. He came immediately and did first aid on my daughter. He then drove us to the hospital and ensured that she was attended to immediately.

I also remember recently when my neighbor’s daughter came to our gate and rang the bell. When I opened the gate, she told me that she had just arrived home from college for the weekend and the house was locked. She had tried calling her mother but she was unreachable.

I welcomed her into our house and served her refreshments and dinner. I also tried to reach her mother, but she was unreachable. 


After about an hour, the mother called her using a different number. She said that her phone was out of charge. She also said that she had gotten into an accident and was trying to sort things out.

She then requested to talk to me. We agreed that her daughter could spend the night at my place because it was already late. I agreed because she is my good neighbor, and her daughter is a good friend to my children.

She must have allowed her daughter to spend the night at my place because I’m a good neighbor, and she trusts me and my family.

So, when you’re a good neighbor, you can get all kinds of help from your neighbors. 

Here are other ways you can get help from your neighbors when you’re a good neighbor:

  • Good neighbors can babysit your kids while you run errands.
  • They can feed your pets when you’re away.
  • They could water your plants when you’re not around.
  • Good neighbors can collect your mail when you’re not at home.
  • They can receive deliveries on your behalf while you’re away.
  • You can leave your keys with them for your family members to pick up while you’re away (we’ve done this with some of my neighbors for years).
  • They can help you jump-start your car.

Note: I have seen a case where an unfriendly neighbor was ignored by other neighbors when she needed help. She was an unfriendly and snobbish neighbor. One evening, she had a brawl with her partner. Neighbors, including myself, ignored her screams. Luckily, the security team came to assist her. 

When You’re A Good Neighbor You Can Get  Support When The Need Arises 


There’s a distinct difference between getting help from your neighbors and getting support. Getting help has more to do with people helping you to do tangible things. However, support is getting moral reinforcement, encouragement, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, etc.


Suppose you’re a good neighbor. In that case, your neighbors will not hesitate to support you when the need arises.


Some of my good neighbors and I support each other during celebrations, sicknesses, bereavement, etc.


This reminds me of the Sunday morning when my mother passed on. I was supposed to give one of my great neighbors a lift to church because her car had a problem. At around 6.00 am, we received a call from the hospital where my mother was admitted. They told us to go there immediately.


Just before we left the house, the neighbor called. I told my partner to pick up the call because I was very shaken. I was wondering why the hospital was calling us. My partner told our neighbor that we had been called to the hospital.


To make a long story short, my neighbor arrived within five minutes. She was accompanied by 4 other neighbors. She had called the other neighbors to tell them that all was not well at our place. The neighbors accompanied us to the hospital. 


I have no words to describe how these neighbors supported my siblings and me when we learned that our mother had passed on. They stayed with us the whole day and were there to carry us when we broke down or collapsed after viewing our mom’s body at the morgue.


You get that kind of support and more when you’re a good neighbor.

When You’re A Good Neighbor You Can Borrow Supplies and Items


I’m smiling as I write this point. Some of my good neighbors and I borrow items and supplies from each other without any qualms. For instance, one of my neighbors called me recently to ask whether I could give her 2 cups of sugar. She was baking and as she measured out the sugar, she realized it was not enough.


I personally delivered a whole packet of sugar to her house. I told her she didn’t have to refund it. I have also borrowed items from her in the past.


For instance, one morning while I was ironing my clothes to go to work, my iron blew. I called the above neighbor and asked her if she had an extra iron. She told me she didn’t have one, but she’d gladly give me her one and only iron. After a few minutes, her house manager delivered the iron to my house – it was still hot as she’d had just finished ironing.


Another incident I’ll never forget is when one of my neighbors called me at night to ask if I had extra snacks. Our children were in the same class and they were going on a school trip the following morning. My neighbor had a hectic day and forgot to buy snacks for her son.


I told my neighbor I didn’t have extra snacks but I could share what I had bought for my daughter. Of course, my daughter wasn’t very pleased to share her snacks. However, that’s what good neighbors do for each other.


Being A Good Neighbor Can Help You To Network


Another great thing about being a good neighbor is that it can help you network. When you network with your good neighbors, you exchange ideas and information among yourselves. You could also do business with your neighbors.


For example, my good neighbors are in different professions and different businesses. We have helped each other get internships and jobs for our children. 


In addition, we sell things to each other. For instance, some of our neighbors sell farm produce such as eggs, herbs, honey, fruits, vegetables, etc. Others sell clothes, shoes, and accessories. We purchase from them and also refer their goods and services to our friends. 


Good Neighbors Can Work Together To Improve Their Neighborhood


Suppose you want to improve your neighborhood and thus improve the value of your homes. In that case, you must work together with your neighbors. If you want to work together as neighbors, you should be good neighbors. Good neighbors discuss and agree on how to solve issues affecting them. 


For instance, you can improve your neighborhood by doing the following:

  • Having a neighborhood cleanup program.
  • Planting trees in your neighborhood.
  • Developing facilities such as gyms, playgrounds, etc.
  • Lobbying for the improvement of roads and service delivery to your neighborhood.


When neighbors do some of these things together, they improve the quality of life in their neighborhood. The value of the homes also improves.


Remember you can only achieve some of these things if you’re good neighbors.


Being A Good Neighbor Reduces Your Loneliness


As human beings, we’re social beings. This means that we need to see, talk, and interact with each other. If you have nobody to interact with, you can become a lonely person. 


Suppose you’re not a good neighbor. In that case, your neighbors will avoid you and you could end up alone and lonely.


You see, if you’re a good neighbor, people will stop to chat with you as you take a walk in your neighborhood. They can also call you or visit you once in a while. In addition, they can invite you for a chat or cup of coffee.


Most importantly, your neighbors can check in on you when you’re unwell or when they don’t see you for a while. 


I’ve read of people who have died in their homes and nobody noticed. If you’re a good neighbor, someone will notice that something is amiss and come to check on you.


Being A Good Neighbor Can Help You Form Lifetime Friendships


I have lived in three neighborhoods since I was born. The first is the place I grew up in, the other is the first place I lived when I got married, and finally, the place where I currently live. When I think of these three places, I remember with nostalgia the dear friends I made. Some of those neighbors are my true, lifetime friends. 


You see, you make true friends from different spheres of your life. Your neighbors can be some of the truest friends you’ll ever make. However, if you want to become friends with your neighbors, you must be a good neighbor.


Some of my neighbors are the truest friends I have. I treasure them and I know our friendship will last a lifetime. 


Being A Good Neighbor Helps Your Children To Form Friendships


Another reason you should be a good neighbor is that your children could form friendships to last a lifetime. When my two boys were young, they’d bring other boys to our house to play PlayStation. I love children and when I was home on weekends, I’d make popcorn for those boys to enjoy as they played the game. 


Sometimes I’d join the boys in playing PS. They’d cheer me on as I competed with them. 


The boys would also play ball and hide and seek in our compound. As a result, my boys became true friends with some of the boys in the neighborhood. 


Although they’re all grown up now, they have true friendships they formed because of being good neighbors.



There you have it. Being a good neighbor pays. I challenge you to start being a good neighbor from today onward. You’ll reap great benefits from doing so.

I’d love to hear your take on this topic. Cheers!



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