What The Clothes You Wear Say About You: What Every Woman Should Know

Do you know that the clothes you wear say a lot about you? Now you know. When someone looks at the way you’re dressed, they can tell to some extent the kind of person you are. Although your dressing can’t give an accurate picture of your personality, it conveys plenty of information about you.

You see, we are all different, and one of the ways we express our differences is through our dressing. For instance, during the weekend, my sister Sarah and I were walking outside a shop when we saw some nice-looking jeans. We entered the shop and bought a pair of jeans each. 

Interestingly, Sarah bought a pair of skinny jeans, and I purchased high-waist mum jeans.

As you can see, two women walked into a shop and bought totally different pairs of jeans. Why? Simply because our personalities are different. 

What The Clothes You Wear Say About You

As I mentioned in another article, it’s important to dress to impress yourself, not others. The reason is that what you wear is a personal choice as it reflects to a great extent your personality. 

So, let’s look at what the clothes you wear say about you without further ado:

What Wearing Bright Colored Clothes Says About You

If you prefer wearing bright-colored clothes, such as yellow, orange, or red, it could signify that you are a cheerful, lively, and extroverted person. People may also think you have a happy, friendly, positive, and charming personality.

Others may feel like you’re the kind of person who likes to attract attention or stand out from the rest.

What Wearing Dull Colored Clothes Says About You

Suppose you love wearing dull-colored clothes such as brown, grey, navy blue, or black. In that case, it could signify that you are an organized, well-mannered, and sophisticated person. You could also be a stable and reliable person. 

People could also perceive you as having an introspective and reserved personality. 

Others might think you have negative emotions such as anger or sadness.

What Wearing Plain T-shirts Says About You

If you’re a fan of plain T-shirts, it could signify that you are an easy-going person. It could also imply that you like being simple and comfortable in your dressing.

Other people may think that you’re not fashion-conscious. You don’t mind what people think about your dressing. So, you don’t put any effort to look good. 

What Wearing T-shirts With Slogans Says About You

Suppose you love wearing T-shirts with slogans printed on them. This could mean that you are not scared of voicing your opinion. In other words, you are a bold person who loves to speak their mind.

On the flip side, others may think you’re a person who likes drawing attention to yourself. 

The fact that you don’t make much effort with your appearance could mean that you are a dull person. 

What Wearing Baggy Clothes Says About You

If your style is mainly baggy clothes, it could mean you’re the kind of person who loves to feel relaxed and comfortable at all times. You're a carefree person who prefers comfort to making fashion statements.

Wearing baggy clothes could also mean that you’re not comfortable with your body. You don’t want to draw people’s attention to your body, so you hide it by wearing baggy clothes. 

This reminds me of when I was a teenager. Like many teenagers, I didn’t like that I was developing a bust. So, I wore baggy jackets to hide it.

What Dressing in Tight-Fitting Clothes Says About You

While some people prefer wearing baggy clothes, some love wearing tight-fitting clothes. If you love wearing tight-fitting clothes, it could mean that you love your body shape. You thus like showing off your figure.

Others may think that you’re a confident person, you like who you are, and are comfortable in your own skin.

On the other hand, wearing tight clothes could mean that you’ve some insecurities. Such insecurities could include low self-esteem and low confidence. You thus want to hide your insecurities from people by drawing attention to your tight-fitting clothes. 

What Wearing Clothes That Show Too Much Skin Says About You

Do you prefer wearing clothes that show too much skin? Such clothes may include miniskirts, low-cut tops that reveal your cleavage, short shorts, or sleeveless tops. 


They also include crop tops – tops that expose your abdomen, navel, or waist. Long slits, see-through and sheer clothes also fall under this category.

When you wear clothes that reveal too much skin, it could mean that you are a confident and assertive person. Others may think you’re a sophisticated person who dresses to please yourself, not others. 

Also, wearing revealing clothes could imply that your style sense is bold. 

On the other hand, wearing revealing clothes could show that you are an attention-seeking, flirtatious, and seductive person. 

Some people may think you’re an inconsiderate person. The reason is that they may feel uncomfortable around someone who’s revealing too much skin.

What Wearing Clothes That Cover Too Much Skin Says About You

Whereas some women love wearing clothes that show too much skin, others don’t like showing much skin. They thus wear clothes that cover almost every part of the body. Such clothes include long-sleeved tops, long dresses, long skirts, or high-necked outfits.

Wearing clothes that cover too much skin such as long skirts and dresses could mean your dress style is feminine. You thus like to be treated as a lady. 

It could also mean that you’re a respectable, modest, smart, sassy, and chic woman. You thus don’t feel the need to wear clothes that seek validation from people.

On the other hand, it could mean you’re a conservative person or you come from a culture that believes showing too much skin is unacceptable.

It could also be a sign that you have some insecurity about your body that you want to hide with the clothes. 


Some of the insecurities you could be hiding may include varicose and spider veins on your legs, unattractive legs, or a turkey neck. You could also be trying to hide bat wings in your upper arms.

What Wearing Floral Outfits Says About You

Do you prefer wearing floral outfits rather than plain ones? Such outfits may include flowered dresses, blouses, skirts, trousers, sweaters, etc. If you’re this kind of person, you ooze femininity, sophistication, and elegance. 

Wearing floral outfits also shows you’re a confident, cheerful, happy, and carefree spirit. You could also be friendly, warm, and outgoing. 

Interestingly, wearing dresses or blouses with big flowers could also mean you’re hiding something. The things you can hide with floral outfits include side and belly fat. 

What Wearing Trousers Most Of The Time Says About You

Are you one of those women who like to wear trousers most of the time? If you’re, it could mean you are a practical person. You could like wearing the trousers for practical reasons such as ease of movement and comfort. 

In addition, it could imply that you’re a simple woman who likes to simplify her life. Trousers are some of the simplest pieces of clothing for any occasion. 

Also, wearing trousers shows that you value your freedom. You can face any situation you may encounter in the day without restrictions. 

On the other hand, wearing trousers all the time could mean that there is something you are hiding. For instance, you could be hiding unsightly legs, varicose veins, spider veins, etc. 

What Wearing The Latest Styles Says About You

If you’re the kind of woman who's always ready to dress in the latest styles, it could mean you have a zest and passion for life.

You’re also most likely a free-spirited and confident person. You could also be an adventurous person as you want to experiment with different styles.

However, having a love for the latest trends could also imply that you have a fear of missing out (FOMO). This fear is sometimes triggered by low self-esteem or peer pressure.

In addition, going for the latest trends could mean you’re a spendthrift. You see, you wear the items briefly and discard them when they go out of fashion.

What Wearing Luxury Clothes Says About You

Do you always like to wear luxury clothes? If you do, then it could show that you love elegance, class, and sophistication. It could also imply that you’re refined and love exclusivity.

It could also mean that you prefer superior quality rather than quantity. This means you'd rather have a few, high-quality and durable clothes rather than many cheaper clothes that don’t withstand the test of time.

On the flip side, having an obsession with luxury clothes could be a sign of an inferiority complex. Maybe you don’t feel good enough about yourself. So, you wear luxury clothes to prove you’re important and good enough.

In addition, it could be that you’re buying luxury clothes to feel a sense of accomplishment. For instance, I know a guy who buys the most expensive clothes and shoes to make up for his lack of nice stuff while growing up. By wearing luxury clothes all the time, he feels self-actualized.


There you have it. The clothes you wear can say a lot about you. However, remember that you can't make an accurate judgment about a person based on what they’re wearing. As the saying goes, “Don't judge a book by its cover” ― George Eliot

I know this is a topic with varied views. What’s your take on what the clothes someone wears say about them? Kindly share your take in the comments section below. Cheers!

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