5 Ways Mobile Technology Devices Affect Your Spiritual Life: Be Cautious

Two years ago, I felt pain in my right leg’s foot as I climbed the stairs to go to bed. I didn’t bother about the pain – I just slept. The following morning, I woke up immediately after my phone’s alarm went off because I had an early day. 

I sat on the bed, put my feet on the floor, and as usual, reached out for my mobile phone. I wanted to catch up with what happened in the night as I slept.

As I scrolled through my phone, I could feel like the pain on my right foot was worse. When I was through, I put the device back on the bedside cabinet. 


I then stood to go to the bathroom and that’s when all hell broke loose. The pain in my right leg was unbearable, and I fell on the floor with a huge thud that woke everyone in the house.

To make a long story short, I couldn’t walk for almost a month. The doctor said that the problem on my right foot was an Achilles tendon. It was caused by my bad habit of driving barefoot for years (a story for another day). 

By the time I got on my feet again, I had learned one great lesson. Every morning when I wake up, I should thank God before I pick up my mobile phone. 

Are you a spiritual person? I mean, believing in a superior being? If you are, it’s important to know that mobile technology devices can affect your spiritual life greatly. You thus should be cautious. 

By mobile technology I mean any communication device that you can move from one place to the other. These devices include mobile phones, smartwatches, laptops, tablets, etc. When you connect these devices to the internet, you can get information from all parts of the world and communicate with people everywhere.

If you’re a spiritual person it's good to be cautious about how you use mobile technology devices. If you’re not cautious your mobile technology devices can negatively affect your spirituality. 

Below are 5 ways mobile technology devices can affect your spiritual life:

1. Mobile Technology Devices Can Lead to Idolatry

Do you know that if you’re not cautious you could end up worshiping your mobile technology devices? When you’re obsessively attached to your mobile technology devices such as your phone, you might end up ignoring your relationship with your God.

You see, when you allow your phone to become your idol, you get excessively attached to it. You use it everywhere including the toilet, bed, while crossing the road, etc. In addition, you constantly check notifications and scroll on your device mindlessly wherever you are.

When your mobile technology device becomes an idol, it affects your spiritual life. You end up spending more time on your device than in prayer, devotion, meditation, or reading the Bible, Quran, or Vedas.

2. Heavy Reliance on Social Media Can Lead to Ungodly Behavior

When you rely heavily on social media, it can affect your spiritual life significantly. By social media, I mean Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc. The things you encounter on social media can make you do the following:

  • Become envious/jealous of other people’s achievements.
  • Become discontented or dissatisfied with your own life.
  • Feel ungrateful about your life.
  • Post ungodly comments.

When you do any of these things continuously, they affect your spiritual life greatly. 

3. Accessing Pornography and Other Vices on Your Mobile Technology Device

The internet has made everything available at the click of a button. If spiritual people aren’t careful, they can be sucked into the world of pornography. Pornography is ungodly and could lead you to sexual sin.

There are also other vices like flirting/hooking up with strangers; if you're married. This behavior is also ungodly. If it goes unchecked, it could eventually lead to unfaithfulness and even breakage of homes. 

4. Overuse of Mobile Technology Device Could Lead to Breakdown of the Family Altar

The dependence on mobile technology devices in our homes is worrying. In most homes, there are TVs and a wide variety of technology devices including smartphones, ipads, tablets, laptops, computers, iPods, etc. If you’re not cautious, your family could eventually be unable to communicate, eat together, or bond.

As a result, a breakdown of the family altar could occur. A breakdown of the family altar means that you hardly spend time praying, reading God’s Word, or worshipping as a family. In the long run, your family could become dysfunctional or broken.

5. Easy Access to Betting Can Affect Your Spirituality

Mobile Technology devices have aggravated dangerous habits such as betting. People can place bets using their smartphones or laptops. If they win the bet, they get paid instantly. 

However, betting can be addictive, time-wasting, and can lead to wastage and loss of money. 

Betting is dangerous for everyone and more so for the spiritual person. The reasons why betting is dangerous for a spiritual person are because it lures you into a habit of wastefulness, easy money, and laziness. This culture is ungodly.

How to Prevent Mobile Technology Devices From Affecting Your Spiritual Life

The entire world is embracing mobile technology devices and people who are spiritual haven’t been left behind. Mobile technology devices are great but as I explained earlier, they can affect your spiritual life negatively if you’re not cautious.

Here are some things you can do to prevent your mobile technology devices from affecting your spiritual life negatively:

Make Your Spiritual Life a Priority

If you’re a spiritual person, God should be the priority of your life – not your mobile technology device or anything else. So, begin your day with God! This means that when you wake up in the morning, instead of grabbing your phone, whisper a prayer, thanking God for a new day.

Also, end your day with God by reading His Word or in prayer.

Establish Designated Mobile Technology Device-Free Times

As I mentioned in one of my earlier articles, be in control of your mobile technology device – don’t allow it to control you. You can do this by establishing a designated mobile technology device-free time. 

During that time, you can focus on quality time with loved ones, reading God’s Word, prayers, or worship. You could also spend the time in meditation or personal reflection.

Cultivate a Culture of Gratitude

Instead of being envious of what others showcase online, cultivate a culture of gratitude. If you appreciate the blessings God has bestowed on your life, your feelings of discontentment and dissatisfaction will fade away.

Avoid Being Sucked into Ungodly Habits

As I mentioned earlier, if you’re not cautious, your mobile technology device could suck you into ungodly habits such as pornography and betting. You can avoid being sucked into such habits by doing what your God expects of you.

Download Spiritual Well-being Apps On Your Mobile Technology Device

There are numerous spiritual well-being apps you can download on your mobile technology devices. You can click on these apps and read the contents whenever you feel tempted to scroll on your device unnecessarily. This helps your spiritual life in a great way.

Below are examples of spiritual well-being apps you can download to your mobile technology device: 

  • YouVersion Bible
  • MuslimPro
  • Daily Hinduism
  • Buddhify
  • Torah Anytime


Mobile technology devices are great assets but if you don’t use them cautiously, they could affect your spiritual life negatively. It’s therefore important to intentionally create a balance so that you’re in control of your device – not the other way around.

Has your mobile technology device ever affected your spiritual life? Kindly share with the readers in the comments section below. Cheers!



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