Do You Know Your Body Shape? It's Time to Find Out

Women’s bodies come in different sizes and shapes, making each woman unique. I didn’t know my exact body shape for years and this affected my fashion choices in various ways. I can’t overemphasize the importance of knowing your body shape; it helps you to work with your body instead of against it.

Your body shape falls into one of these five categories; hourglass, apple, pear, rectangular, or inverted triangle body shape. Your skeletal structure, muscle distribution, predisposed fat, and genetics mainly determine your body shape.


So, you can’t do much to change the body you were born with. However, you can enhance your body shape with the right exercises.


So, let me introduce you to the different body shapes without further ado. After reading this article, you will find out your body shape.


1. The Hourglass Body Shape


People regard the hourglass body shape as a bombshell shape. The reason is that when you have this body shape, your body looks like an hourglass. Below are the characteristics of the hourglass body shape:

  • Your hips and bust are almost the same measurements.
  • Your waist is much smaller than your hips and bust, thus very well defined.
  • You’re blessed with curves. 
  • You’ve shapely and curvy legs.
  • You’ve slender and soft arms.

One of the most famous celebrities with an hourglass shape was Marilyn Monroe. At some point in her life, her body measurements were 36-24-34, giving her an almost perfect hourglass shape.

2. Apple/Round Body Shape

When you have an apple body shape, your body is roundish, like an apple. Some of the characteristics of the apple body shape are:

  • Your waist is larger or equal to bust measurements.
  • Your waist and shoulders are most likely wider than your hips.
  • You’re most like to have a large, shapely bust.
  • Your waist isn’t visible – not defined.
  • Your arms are probably slim.
  • Your legs are probably shapely, slender, and beautiful.
  • Your calves are well-defined.
  • You probably have a flat bottom.
  • Your torso narrows from the shoulders to the hips, giving your body a V-shape from the back.

3. Pear/Triangle Body Shape

As the name suggests, if you have a pear body shape, it means your body looks like a pear. So, the upper body is slimmer than the lower body. This body shape is also referred to as a triangle body shape and is the most common. 

Here’s what the pear body shape looks like:

  • You may have shoulders that are narrower than the rest of your body.
  • The hips are bigger than the bust and the shoulders.
  • The waist is smaller than the hips – you have a defined waist.
  • Your bottom is full and well-rounded.
  • Your thighs are shapely and curvy.
  • You probably have slender arms.

4. Rectangular Body Shape

Many people confuse the rectangular body shape with the apple body shape. However, there is a clear difference between the two body shapes. Below are the characteristics of a woman with a rectangular body shape:

  • You probably have a straight, athletic body.
  • The measurements of your shoulders, bust, hips, and waist are similar.
  • You may lack curves.
  • You most probably have a small/medium bust.
  • You may have a flat bottom.
  • Your shoulders are relatively straight.
  • You don’t have a defined waist.
  • Your legs and arms are slender.

5. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

When you turn a triangle upside down, we call it an inverted triangle. Some body shapes look like an inverted triangle. The attributes of an inverted triangle body shape include:

  • The top part of your body is bigger than the bottom.
  • The shoulders are usually wide and straight, and bigger than the hips. 
  • The waist and legs are smaller than the shoulders and the bust.
  • The bottoms are presumably relatively flat.
  • Your bust could be very full or very small. 
  • Your waist might not be well defined.

What is Your Body Shape?


I hope after reading this article so far, you now know your body shape. If you haven’t or are not yet very sure about your body shape, you can do the following to find out:


Find Out Your Body Shape Using a Full-length Mirror


Once you understand the different body shapes, you can find out yours using a full-length mirror. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Wear a good, non-padded bra.
  2. Wear regular panties.
  3. Stand in front of a full-length mirror and examine yourself from all angles to find out your body shape.

Use a Tape Measure to Find Out Your Body Shape


The other way to find out your body shape is by using a tape measure. A cloth tape measure is the best to use instead of a metal one. Here’s how to find out your body type using a tape measure:


1. Wear a good, non-padded bra.

2. Wear regular panties.

3. Get a pencil and a piece of paper to record your measurements.

4. Measure your shoulders and write down the measurements

5. Measure your bust.

6. Measure the waist.

7. Measure the hips.


After taking all the measurements, you’ll have a good idea of what your body shape is.

Why You Should Know Your Body Shape

I hope you have by now known the type of body shape you have. As I mentioned earlier, I cannot overemphasize the importance of knowing your body type. Below are some reasons why you should know your body shape:

Knowing Your Body Type Helps You Appreciate Yourself

Your body shape is unique, and you should, therefore, appreciate it. Once you know your body shape, you can stop comparing yourself with others or wondering why you look the way you look. 

You were created that way, and the best you can do is to make peace with your body shape and appreciate yourself.

Knowing Your Body Shape Enables You to Dress Appropriately

Have you ever gone shopping for clothes and literally went home without buying anything? I have done that many times. Or have you ever bought clothes and didn’t wear them because you didn’t like how they looked on you? I have too.

One of the reasons you do the things I’ve mentioned above is that you don’t know your body shape. As a result, you don’t know how to dress properly – to impress you. When you know and understand your body shape, you’ll know how to dress it accordingly.

When you dress your body shape properly, your body will look proportionate and balanced. In addition, you’ll look terrific in everything you wear.


If you want to enjoy your life, one of the favors you can do yourself is to know your body shape. Once you know your body shape, you can appreciate your body instead of complaining or hating it. In addition, you can dress your body appropriately and thus feel confident and happy.

Oh, and always remember that there’s no wrong or right body shape. It’s best to love your body shape and who you are.

Do you know your body shape? Kindly give your comments below. Cheers!







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  1. Very helpful read. Helps one determine the best clothes to accentuate their best features

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  2. Very insightful article. I have just found out I'm an hourglass shape - well I should work on my waist😜. Keep the articles coming.

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