11 True Friendship Songs to Uplift You

                                               True friendship songs

A true friend is rare to find. However, when you find one, he/she can stick closer than a brother or sister. If you happen to have a true friend, cherish them as you are lucky to have them.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of 10 true friendship songs to uplift you. You can play them when you miss your best friend. Here we go:

1. Friends Are Friends Forever (by Michael W. Smith)

I love this song because it’s the song my sister Sarah and her friend Hope sang for me on my wedding day. I still tear up when I listen to this song. 

This is a great friendship song by Michael W. Smith. He wrote this song for a dear friend who was moving out of town. Michael made it clear that even though it was hard to let his friend go, they’d be friends forever, with God’s help. 

In 1989, Michael W. Smith met US President George H. W. Bush and they became close friends. Michael sang ‘Friends Are Friends Forever’ on 5th December 2018 at Bush’s state funeral service in Washington DC. 

2. That’s What Friends Are For (Dionne Warwick’s Version)

This massive hit is by Dionne Warwick and it features Stevie Wonder, Elton John, and Gladys Knight. The song talks about how true friends can always count on each other in bad and good times. After all, that’s what friends are for.

Dionne Warwick and her friends sang this song to raise cash for AIDS research and prevention. True friends are supposed to come together to help out, right?

3. Lean on Me (by Michael Bolton)

Lean on Me by Michael Bolton is a great, true friendship song. One of the qualities of a true friend is that you can lean on them when you aren’t strong. They help you to carry on with life. 

True friendship is like two-way traffic – your friend can lean on you when they're not strong. At that time, you'll help them carry on. 

However, it won’t be long before you need somebody to lean on. When that time comes, you can lean on your true friend.

4. Stand by Me (by Ben E. King)

Stand by Me by Ben E. King is one of the most powerful true friendship songs of all time. It describes exactly who a true friend is. 

A true friend is that person who stands by you even if the sky tumbles and falls or the mountains crumble to the ocean. 

You know that you’ll be okay because your true friend will be right there by your side in all circumstances. How encouraging!

5. Girl (by Destiny’s Child)

'Girl' is a beautiful, true friendship song by Destiny's Child - Beyoncé Knowles, Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland. The three are childhood friends and have remained friends to date. 

This song shows how a true friend can see through your pain even when you try to cover it up. The song encourages you to be vulnerable and share your pain, fears, and doubts with your true friend. 

Your true friend loves you and always has your back and best interests at heart. 

6. Thank You for Being a Friend (by Andrew Gold)

Thank You for Being a Friend is famous for being the theme song for Golden Girls. The song expresses gratitude for true friendship. 

It talks of growing old together as confidants and friends regardless of the gray hair and walking canes.

It’s a great song to play when having a blast with your true friends. It lets them know that you value your friendship.  

7. I'll Be There for You (by The Rembrandts)

I’ll Be There for You is another true friendship song. It’s famous for being the theme song for the TV series Friends. 

This song emphasizes how true friends should always be there for each other through thick and thin.

8. Count On Me (by CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston)

CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston were great friends. This true friendship song talks about how true friends can count on each other as they navigate through life. 

The song talks about being strong when your friend is weak and being there whenever your friend calls on you. 

9. Remember Me This Way (by Song by Jordan Hill)

This song talks about that special friend who reaches out every time you fall, understands it all, and never lets you down. 

It goes on to say that distance doesn't affect true friendship. Your hearts are still connected despite the distance. 

You always wish each other all the happiness in the world and reserve a special place for each other in your hearts. 

10. One Friend (by Dan Seals)

One Friend is a wonderful song about true friendship. Even if you only have one true friend, it’s okay. 

A true friend understands you, helps you keep it together, and knows you inside out. 

In addition, true friends can move mountains for each other.

11. Best Friend (by Brandy)

Brandy dedicated this song to her brother Ray J. He’s not only Brandy’s younger brother but also her best friend.

This song shows you exactly what true friendship is about. A true friend is someone you call on whenever you’re down. 

A true friend also has your back through the bad and the good times. 

Those are some of my favorite true friendship songs. I hope you enjoy listening to them.

Which is your favorite friendship song. Kindly share it with our readers. Cheers!



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